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 These pages are work in progress and are the result of nearly a decade of research. This is the first (beta) version of a visual history of Jethro Tull's notable gigs, and those with confirmed photos, flyers, videos, etc.. lined up in order as they occurred throughout each year. This is not meant to be a complete history, and things are still being ironed out. Any pictures used that were not scanned from our collections should be clickable, and linked to where they came from on the net, unless photo credit could not be determined. This can be used as a resource along with sites such as Ministry of Information, Tullpress, as well as which have been excellent resources for many years. We would like to thank all who have contributed, and continue to welcome your contributions for future updates. If you would like to donate pictures, videos, 8mm films, handbills, posters, stubs, or anything noteworthy to a specific date in Tull history you can contact us at, or through this site, The boy scout manual site, or through our facebook group. Enjoy.

Ian Anderson, John Evans, Jeffrey Hammond meet at the Blackpool College of Art and along with Michael Stephens form "The Blades" covering songs by The Beatles, Stones plus R&B and Blues.

​The Blades play their first Gig at the Holy Family Church Hall Blackpool, UK

The Blades become "The John Evans Band"

​1967 MARCH 25
Glenn Cornick played his first concert with the John Evan Band in the UK..


photo from archive of Glenn Cornick

The John Evan Band sometimes played as the 'John Evan Smash'
Recording three songs in London, including Ian's 'Take The Easy Way
MAY 3 
Recording 'Take The Easy Way' for an appearance on 'Firstimers broadcast in May 1967

OCT 21
Beachcomber Club Luton, UK
Mick Abrahams is asked to join John Evans Smash

Barrie and John leave the JEB. Ian & Glenn form a new band with Mick Abrahams & Clive Bunker, (Ian Henderson's Bag O'Blues' 'Candy-Coloured Rain' and various other names.

DEC 14 Marquee Club   London, UK
'Bag o' Blues play first gig at The Marquee in London.
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