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'The Jethro Tull Group' was officially formed In 2013 by Pat Kent, Charles Kenney, Erin Ward, and Steve Gugerty (Steve retired in 2017 but is still a valued friend, and member) As a group, we formed a partnership based on celebrating, and  preserving the long, history of our favorite band.. Jethro Tull.

We have spent several years now hosting one the most active facebook groups on the band. 'The Jethro Tull Group' is amongst the largest, and most active on the net with contributors ranging from former band members, crew, and all types of Tull fans new and old. We have been involved with many projects over the past decade including work with Ian Anderson and Tull management, Martin, &  Julie Barre, Dee Palmer, Clive Bunker, Dave Pegg, EMI, Dave Rees/A New Day magazine, along with many photographers, and others. We have also made many great friendships during this time and with many new members joining our group daily we expect to meet more fans worldwide. We thank everyone for their support over the years. Below are some pictures of various meet ups, tull adventures, photos of our friends, along with some of the projects we've been involved with since our formation. More to come....


Charlie presents Martin Barre with his Birthday gift.


Charlie, and Pat in the USA with friends Dave Pincus, and Barry Goldberg.


Erin Ward (tulltapes) with Martin Barre 2019


Charlie & Laurie with Dee Palmer


Various Projects

2014 USA Tull Convention

photography by Don Bauer

Random Tullness

Prog magazine article 'Former Jethro Tull member
Dee Palmer plans charity single


Our Glenn Cornick tribute video, played at the 2014  Tull convention

Martin Barre -2019  tour energy logo

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